Mr. Alec Tsai, LAC.

With over 30 years of experience as an engineer in the Bay Area, and a disciple of the reknowned Professor Dr. Andrew Wu, Mr. Tsai delves into the intricate realms of micro-level physical quantum cellular information transmission and energy resonance within the human body. Drawing insights from the Five Elements, Six Qi, principles of acupuncture meridians, and the Eight Characters, he thoroughly assesses the patient’s current physical condition, pinpointing original deficiencies, immediate needs, and prognosis. In patient care, he delves into the root causes of internal medicine issues, employing the principles of the Five Elements, Six Qi, acupuncture meridians, and the Eight Characters. Additionally, he harnesses the manipulation of celestial and terrestrial energy fields to instigate shifts in the body’s meridian imbalances, yielding profound therapeutic effects. The emphasis on pain management revolves around the application of acupuncture principles and the harmonization of meridians, particularly through the Yi Li acupuncture technique.

Education Background:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California
  • Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nine Star University of Health Science
  • MSEE, University of Massachusetts at Lowell
  • BSEE, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology



  • 加利福尼亞州註冊針灸師
  • 河洛健康科學大學中醫碩士
  • 麻州大學電機電子碩士
  • 國立台灣科技大學電機電子學士

Mr. Kevin Yen, LAC.

Kevin has devoted himself to the practice of Qi Gong and meditation since the early 2000s, using his knowledge to aid others while working as a Software Diagnostic Engineer, often referred to as a “computer doctor.” During his healing sessions, he discovered specific points in the body that exhibit stronger reactions to Qi and observed a consistent direction of Qi flow—rising on the left side and descending on the right side. This observation fueled his curiosity, leading him to explore various healing modalities, including Western medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and Tibetan medicine. Eventually, he found that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offered the most comprehensive understanding of these phenomena.

In 2014, Kevin made a deliberate effort to further enhance his healing abilities by enrolling in Nine Star University of Health Science, where he delved deeper into Traditional Chinese Medicine. After successfully passing the state Acupuncture Board test in 2017, he embarked on an active career in acupuncture. Currently, he serves as a respected faculty member at California University Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale. Since 2022, he has taken on the role of clinic teacher, guiding interns, and has recently begun teaching basic acupuncture in English.

Kevin’s treatment methodology is grounded in the Traditional Chinese Qi-flow theory, which posits that energy circulates in a circular pattern to maintain life force efficiently. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated significant effort to validating this theory through acupuncture, developing a unique system to restore and maintain this circular flow without reliance on herbs. His expertise lies in diagnosing Qi and blood blockages using a distinctive sensing technique and employing RCQ acupuncture/acupressure methods to alleviate these blockages effectively.

Throughout his career, Kevin has successfully treated patients with a wide array of conditions, including pre/post-COVID symptoms, back and shoulder pain, headaches, thyroid disorders, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, weight management issues, anxiety, irregular blood pressure, infertility, and birth induction. Additionally, he has assisted individuals, including youths, in enhancing concentration and athletic performance through his Tai-Qi acupuncture/acupressure technique.

Kevin’s skill set includes:

  • Tai-Qi acupuncture/acupressure
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture
  • Holographic acupuncture
  • SCALP acupuncture
  • 8 Extra channel acupuncture
  • Dung’s acupuncture
  • Spinal diagnostics
  • Nutritional advice
  • Therapeutic exercise

Educational Background:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California
  • Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nine Star University of Health Science

Kevin 自2000年代初開始致力於氣功和冥想的實踐,將自己的知識用於幫助他人,同時作為軟件診斷工程師,通常被稱為“電腦醫生”。在他的療癒過程中,他發現身體中特定的穴位對氣有更強烈的反應,並觀察到氣流的一致方向——在左側上升,在右側下降。這一觀察激發了他的好奇心,使他探索了各種療癒模式,包括西方醫學、印度阿育吠陀和藏醫學。最終,他發現傳統中醫藥(TCM)提供了對這些現象最全面的理解。


Kevin 的治療方法基於傳統中醫的氣流理論,即能量以循環方式流動以有效地維持生命力。在過去的二十年中,他致力於通過針灸驗證這一理論,並開發了一套獨特的系統,以恢復和維持這種循環流動,而不依賴草藥。他的專長在於使用獨特的感應技術診斷氣血阻塞,並採用RCQ針灸/指壓方法有效地緩解這些阻塞。

在他的職業生涯中,Kevin 成功地治療了患有各種病症的患者,包括新冠疫情前/後的症狀、背部和肩部疼痛、頭痛、甲狀腺疾病、失眠、激素失調、體重管理問題、焦慮、不規律的血壓、不孕症和催生。此外,他還通過自己的太極針灸/指壓技術協助個人,包括青少年,提高注意力和運動表現。

Kevin 的技能包括:

  • 太極針灸/指壓
  • 傳統中醫針灸
  • 全息針灸
  • SCALP針灸
  • 八奇針灸
  • Dung的針灸
  • 脊柱診斷
  • 營養建議
  • 治療性鍛煉


  • 加利福尼亞州註冊針灸師
  • 河洛健康科學大學中醫碩士

Ms. Chiayin Shiau, LAC.

Chiayin began her journey in practicing Oriental Medicine in 2019, initially serving as an academic counselor at Nine Star University of Health Sciences for a year. Concurrently, she practiced part-time at Dana Herbal Market in Dublin, specializing in acupuncture and herbal medicine. During her tenure there, she effectively treated patients with various ailments, including pain management, sports injuries, skin conditions, sleep disorders, and digestive issues.

Currently, Ms. Shiau serves as an acupuncturist at Oriental Healing Center in San Jose, where she continues to provide exceptional care to her patients. Known for her expertise and compassionate approach, she has cultivated strong relationships with her patients, earning their trust through her dedicated practice.

Education Background:

  • B.A. National Taiwan Normal University
  • Master of Education International Christian University Japan
  • Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California
  • M.S. of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nine Star Univ. of Health Science

Chiayin 於2019年開始從事東方醫學的實踐,最初在河洛健康科學大學擔任一年的學術顧問。同時,她在都柏林的丹納草藥市場兼職,專攻針灸和中草藥治療。在那裡的任職期間,她成功地治療了患有各種疾病的患者,包括疼痛管理、運動損傷、皮膚問題、睡眠障礙和消化問題等。



  • 國立臺灣師範大學文學士
  • 國際基督教大學教育碩士
  • 加州執照針灸師
  • 河洛健康科學大學中醫碩士