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(1) Background: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disorder. Hydrogen gas (H2) is a therapeutic medical gas known for its multifunctional properties, including anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cell death, and the stimulation of energy metabolism. This open-label pilot study on H2 treatment was conducted with the aim of developing a disease-modifying treatment for AD through multifactorial mechanisms.

(2) Methods: Eight patients with AD inhaled 3% H2 gas for one hour twice daily for 6 months and were subsequently followed for 1 year without inhaling H2 gas. Clinical assessments were conducted using the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-cognitive subscale (ADAS-cog). Neuron integrity was objectively assessed using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) with advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applied to neuron bundles passing through the hippocampus.

(3) Results: The mean individual ADAS-cog change exhibited significant improvement after 6 months of H2 treatment (-4.1) compared to untreated patients (+2.6). DTI assessment revealed that H2 treatment significantly enhanced the integrity of neurons passing through the hippocampus compared to the initial stage. The improvements observed through ADAS-cog and DTI assessments were maintained during the follow-up after 6 months (significantly) or 1 year (non-significantly).

(4) Conclusions: This study suggests that H2 treatment not only provides relief for temporary symptoms but also exerts disease-modifying effects, notwithstanding its limitations.

(1) 背景:阿茲海默症(AD)是一種漸進且致命的神經退行性疾病。氫氣(H2)是一種具有多重功能的治療性醫用氣體,包括抗氧化、抗發炎、抗細胞死亡和促進能量代謝等。為了通過多因素機制開發AD的疾病修飾性治療,進行了一項有關H2治療的開放標籤試驗。

(2) 方法:八名AD患者每天吸入3%的H2氣體,每次一小時,為期6個月,然後在未吸入H2氣體的情況下進行1年的隨訪。使用阿茲海默症評估量表-認知亞量表(ADAS-cog)對患者進行臨床評估。為了客觀評估神經元完整性,應用了擁有通過海馬區的神經元束的先進磁共振擴散張量成像(DTI)技術。

(3) 結果:平均個體ADAS-cog變化在H2治療後6個月顯著改善(-4.1),相較於未治療的患者(+2.6)。根據DTI評估,H2治療顯著改善了通過海馬區的神經元的完整性,相對於初始階段。通過ADAS-cog和DTI評估觀察到的改善在6個月後(顯著)或1年後(非顯著)的隨訪期間得以保持。

(4) 結論:本研究表明,儘管存在限制,H2治療不僅緩解了暫時的症狀,還具有疾病修飾性效

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