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Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2023; 24(1): 37–47.

Background: Despite considerable efforts, finding an effective cure for cancer remains a formidable challenge, as current therapeutic approaches often lead to severe side effects without ensuring restorative outcomes. Molecular hydrogen (H2) has emerged as a promising adjunctive therapy for cancer treatment, showcasing anti-proliferative, anti-oxidative, pro-apoptotic, and anti-tumoral effects. This review synthesizes information from various articles concerning the mechanisms, treatment outcomes, and overall effectiveness of H2 therapy in cancer management.

Methods: A systematic search using Cochrane, PubMed, and Google Scholar was conducted to identify full-text articles meeting the study criteria, which included being written in English and published within the last 10 years.

Results: Among the 677 articles screened, 27 met the eligibility criteria. The gathered data were organized into a table, summarizing the general characteristics and findings. Across diverse forms of H2 administration, study designs, and reported cancer types, consistent positive outcomes were observed.

Conclusion: The analysis suggests that H2 demonstrates promising therapeutic potential, both as an independent therapy and as an adjuvant in combination therapy. This leads to an overall enhancement in survivability, quality of life, blood parameters, and tumor reduction. While further comprehensive research is warranted, the encouraging results suggest that H2 merits consideration as a complementary approach to existing cancer therapies.

背景: 儘管做出了相當努力,但癌症仍然是一個難以治愈的目標,目前的治療方法往往在不引起嚴重副作用的情況下難以實現恢復性結果。分子氫(H2)已被報導為癌症治療的有望輔助療法,具有誘導抗增殖、抗氧化、促凋亡和抗腫瘤作用的能力。本文綜述了有關H2治療在癌症管理中的機制、治療結果和總體效果的各種文章的研究發現。

方法: 使用Cochrane、PubMed和Google Scholar作為搜索引擎,選擇了在研究範圍內、以英語撰寫並在近10年內發表的全文文章。

結果: 在677篇篩選的文章中,有27篇符合資格標準,將數據編制成一張表,概述了一般特徵和研究發現。在不同形式的H2管理、研究設計和報告的癌症類型中,結果呈現出一致性的積極效果。

結論: 分析表明,H2作為獨立療法以及聯合療法的輔助劑,呈現出有望的治療潛力,從而在存活率、生活質量、血液參數和腫瘤減小方面實現整體改善。儘管需要進一步進行全面的研究,但令人鼓舞的結果表明,H2值得作為現有癌症治療的輔助手段予以考慮。

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