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Journal List  Front Pharmacol  PMC3108576

Numerous studies have demonstrated the protective effects of hydrogen (H2) against ROS-induced diseases. By effectively eliminating •OH and •ONOO–, H2 has been shown to mitigate lipid and DNA peroxidation, enhance cellular antioxidant capacity, and provide protection against oxidative damage to cells. The human body contains various ROS, including O2•–,•OH, H2O2, NO•,•ONOO–, among others. Under normal conditions, cells can maintain a balance between ROS formation and removal through specific enzymatic pathways or antioxidants. However, under pathological conditions, this balance is disrupted, leading to oxidative stress and various diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Studies indicate that ROS plays a crucial role in COPD development, and certain antioxidants are effective in protecting against the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Based on its unique ability to eliminate toxic ROS, we propose that hydrogen therapy may represent a novel and effective treatment for COPD.


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