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Journal List  Evid Based Complement Alternat Med  v.2016; 2016  PMC5048029

Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric condition impacting individuals of various ages. We conducted a search for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on acupuncture as a treatment for TS, without language or publication status restrictions, in both English and Chinese literature. Two independent reviewers performed study selection, data extraction, and assessed study quality. Meta-analyses were carried out using Review Manager (RevMan) 5.3 software from the Cochrane Collaboration, utilizing the fixed-effect model based on a heterogeneity test. Results were expressed as risk ratios for dichotomous data and mean differences (MDs) for continuous data. This review encompassed 7 RCTs involving 564 participants. The combined findings suggest that acupuncture may exhibit a more favorable short-term effect compared to Western medicine for TS. Additionally, acupuncture could serve as an effective adjuvant therapy to enhance the impact of Western medicine on TS. However, the evidence is constrained due to existing biases, emphasizing the need for rigorous, high-quality RCTs to validate these observations.

過動症(TS)是一種影響兒童和成年人的神經精神障礙。我們搜尋了使用針灸治療TS的隨機對照試驗(RCTs)的文獻,並不受語言或發表狀態的限制,包括英文和中文。由兩名評審獨立進行研究選擇、數據提取和評估研究質量。使用Cochrane Collaboration的Review Manager(RevMan)5.3軟件進行了基於異質性檢驗的固定效應模型的荟合分析。結果以二元數據的風險比和連續數據的平均差(MDs)呈現。該綜述包括7個共564名參與者的RCT。綜合結果顯示,針灸可能在TS的短期效果方面優於西醫,並且針灸可能是改善西醫對TS效果的有效輔助療法,但由於現有的偏見,證據受到限制。需要進行嚴格的高質量RCTs來驗證這些發現。

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