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Journal List  Gastroenterol Res Pract  v.2020; 2020  PMC7737460

Acupuncture is extensively utilized in the clinical management of liver cirrhosis (LC) in China; nevertheless, its effectiveness has not been conclusively established through systematic analysis. This meta-analysis systematically assessed the impact of acupuncture on LC patients. A comprehensive literature search was conducted across various databases, including the China National Knowledge Infrastructure, Chinese Biomedical Database (SinoMed), VIP Medicine Information System, Wanfang Data, PubMed, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, and Embase. Data analysis was performed using Review Manager 5.3 software, and publication bias was evaluated using Stata 14.0 software with the Egger test. Fifteen studies encompassing 1066 patients were included in the meta-analysis. The primary outcome was the efficacy rate of acupuncture therapy, with secondary outcomes encompassing the impact of acupuncture on liver function grading assessment and laboratory tests related to liver functions. The results indicated that acupuncture serves as an effective complementary therapy for patients with LC. However, the strength of the recommendation is limited by certain constraints present in the included studies.

針灸在中國肝硬化(LC)的臨床治療中被廣泛應用。然而,針灸對LC的療效尚未經過全面確認的系統分析。這次的草案分析評估了針灸對LC患者的影響效果。我們對中國國家知識基礎設施、中國生物醫學數據庫(SinoMed)、VIP醫學信息系統、萬方數據、PubMed、Cochrane圖書館、Web of Science和Embase進行了系統文獻檢索。此外,我們使用Review Manager 5.3軟件進行數據分析,使用Stata 14.0軟件進行Egger測試以評估發表偏見。共有15項包括1066名患者的研究納入了草案分析。主要結果是針灸治療的有效率。次要結果包括針灸對肝功能分級評估和與肝功能相關的實驗室檢測的影響。結果表明,針灸作為LC患者的輔助治療是有效的選擇。然而,由於納入研究的某些限制,建議的強度較弱。

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